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July 10th, 2013

One of the video or computer genres that has been one of my favorites going back to the beginning is the FPS one.... and here is something I wanted to talk about a bit but I wanted to put it someplace where I can have people other than the ones reading or posting comments can see it. Someplace where it wouldn't just be dismissed offhand by internet joe gamer... especially those who are always running around with rose tinted glasses. This is partly a response to the above video and partly just a response to a certain segment of the internet population as well....Read more...Collapse )

April 29th, 2013


I was looking at toy news international's article about some of the 60's era Batman figures. In particular the Julie Newmar Catwoman figure. Someone there commented, "Holy lack of articulation Batman!" Which reminded me. In the toy world many people are obsessed with articulation in their figures and during reviews tend to count how many points of articulation a figure has. The more the better as far as they are concerned and the fewer the worse off it is. I can't say I agree with this... at least not fully...

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Image credit.... Steve Jobs figure....

January 28th, 2013

80's Arcade
Today I found a really good article about the life and death of arcades.  It's interesting to know that controversy has always dogged video games and arcades since their inception due to their roots in gambling and the perception of people who often times don't understand new forms of entertainment. Here I'll talk about my personal experiences with the arcade growing up and what it meant to me. I was a part of the one of the generations that grew up with videogames as a thing starting with the 8-bit generation. As a child arcade machines along with Nintendo, Atari and IBM compatible clones where what introduced my lifelong love for video games.

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In short, arcades and even shopping malls in the past used to be places of innovation, new stuff to discover and camaraderie.... all without having to drink one drop of alcohol or other illicit substances if you don't want to. Now even shopping malls are shadows of their former selves... that too is another subject for another time.

January 20th, 2013

it’s a mashup of shushing cat ( and Wolf3D..

January 8th, 2013

Lenovo 27" Tablet....

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Lady Kinnikume EX Figure

That Lenovo video makes their "27" tablet" look like a disaster waiting to happen. Speaking from experience it's not exactly convenient lugging a 27 inch all-in-one around. I also doubt parents would be happy when the kids snag their all-in-one and put it on the floor in the living room. Just imagine them grabbing it and dropping it, nay.. throwing it on the floor!

It just seems impractical to me to be shuffling it from room to room like that. Just look at when the Lady was lugging it around! Gave me flashbacks to when I was lugging my iMac to have work done on it under Applecare. But I bet Lenovo wouldn't mind if people bought one for their coffee table, one for the office, one for the island the kitchen, etc.

I don't want a touch screen PC. It doesn't matter who makes it I keep my computers out of arms reach and constantly cleaning it doesn't sound appealing to me. Motion controls might be good for certain tasks as long as they are responsive enough and don't have false positives for gestures. Also, I don't care if Lenovo paid for a Dolby certification. I highly doubt those built in speakers sound as good as a dedicated surround sound system.

January 7th, 2013

One positive thing I can see out of this is perhaps Valve will use Wine to get some titles running on their box and start contributing code back to it improving it for everyone who uses it whether they are on Linux or other systems that it runs on. They could also help improve OpenGL. Get all those up to parity with DirectX. I can dream anyway. Or they could fork Linux & other libraries and keep everything to themselves. So it could go either way.

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December 17th, 2012

I've been busy lately with my current gaming obsession.. Batman Arkham City. It was just released this week (on the Mac)... this isn't a review per say just a quick entry to talk a bit about it. I've already completed it yesterday and tied up most loose ends today. But whenever I really like a game I always do at least two complete playthroughs so I started another one. This is one of those games I wish the story wouldn't end and it would just be ongoing as I love immersing myself in its world. I want to complete my second playthrough before I do a full writeup of what I think of the plot and other details. But I wanted to get a few impressions out so certain people can see it particularly on the sound department. This is more of a technical overview for the port than anything...

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If you want to read more about my audio setup and other games I have tested out with it check out this entry...

December 15th, 2012

Before I talk about the new upcoming DLC I want to talk a bit about what I thought of the game. I think RAGE was underrated by the public at large. It took a long time to come out and while there are things that could have been better such as the ending... (it ended rather abruptly and didn't have what could be considered a proper ending). It was still an id shooter and they tend to make solid shooters in my opinion. The driving was also good considering it was their first game with driving in it. The driving worked well with keyboard and mouse more so than other games with driving where I tend to use gamepads to play. Yes, I insist on playing first person shooters with keyboard and mouse and besides..

On the Mac RAGE much like other Aspyr games was only compatible with the wired 360 pad with no drivers installed specifically so I couldn't use my wireless pad with the requisite tattiebogle drivers even if I wanted to. It also didn't have true discrete surround sound when 5.1+ channels where enabled in Audio MIDI setup. But those quibbles aside I enjoyed it.
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December 10th, 2012

This is a really good looking trailer and it's supposed to be all in-engine footage. Pretty impressive although for all we know what they did there was run the PC version at ultra settings with antialiasing pumped up. Typically games tend to have a lot more jaggies and the colors tend to be duller than that. On the other hand Mercury Steam's games tend to be visually impressive even their lambasted Clive Barker's Jericho was especially if one runs the PC version at full HD with antialiasing enabled (that's how I ran it in WINE on my iMac).

Anyway, I'm really liking the style of this game and unlike DmC still looks like a rather japanese title in its look and feel to me. I might also add that's pretty impressive too since Mercury Steam is not japanese.. they are spanish (located in Spain) with producers in the UK.
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